This Man’s Efforts to Help Others Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity!

This Man’s Efforts to Help Others Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity!

News reports covering crime and violence often make us lose our faith in humanity. But there are some people who do everything they can to restore it. One such man is Arropor Iyakkam.

This kind man is funding the kidney transplants of nine patients!

When trouble came knocking on their doors

A total of 18 patients were diagnosed with HCV infection (Hepatitis C), Kumutha and Gajalakshmi being the two among the rest.

Kumutha’s world changed within seconds when her kidneys gave up in 2014. She was told that a dialysis and a kidney transplant were her only chances for survival. Things worsened when Kumutha was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, the same year.

Gajaylaskhmi, a graduate has a similar story. She was diagnosed with renal disorder in 2014, and then with Hepatitis C, the same year.

Out of the 18 patients that were diagnosed, only 9 survived including Kumutha and Gajaylakhsmi.

A kind man comes to the rescue

Arrapor Iyakkam decided to help out the remaining 9 patients, by funding their kidney transplants.

Thanks to his kindness, Gajalakshmi and another patient Karthikeyan are hale and hearty again, after undergoing their kidney transplant surgeries. Their operations were performed in a leading private hospital at heavily subsidized rates. The doctors at this hospital were supported by 159 generous donors!

Kartikeyan’s bill is settled. However Gajalakshmi is facing a shortage of Rs. 5,00,000. Kumutha on the other hand is ready for surgery too and is in need of Rs, 5,00,000 as well.

A fundraiser for the same was raised on our website. Arrapor is hopeful that he would be able to collect the required amount through medical crowdfunding.

The practice enables you to collect the total amount by asking each person to contribute a minimum share. So instead of physically reaching out to each person, you address thousands at one go!

With the help of the fundraiser on our website, an amount of Rs. 1,53,194 has been raised out of the required 10,00,000 through 47 donors in 78 days.

Generous men like Arrapor deserve to be shown some support, don’t they? Through the medium of crowdfunding India, he has been able to collect some funds. Here’s hoping your kindness will help him reach his goal amount!

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