The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Every family face troubles or disputes, it is a normal part of one’s life. Such issues can involve divorces cases as well. Mostly people take there divorce cases to court for settlement. The court process is very lengthy ad involves many formalities. Moreover, it is not suitable as family is involved in it. In order to avoid court proceedings, an alternative available is Mediation. This practice is mostly unknown to people. They are not familiar with it.

Meaning of Family Mediation

This practice involves a mediator that is the third party which helps the family in settling there disputes. The mediator is a neutral person. He is trained and professional. He helps the parties to reach an agreement where they both are satisfied without any biasness.  

Advantages of Family Mediation

  • Less Stressful

The court proceedings are very stressful. The parties have to answer all the questions asked by lawyers and judge. Frequent visit to court can increase stress level. Arranging money for all legal proceedings such as lawyer’s fees can cause stress. In mediation, there is no inconvenience of arranging huge amounts of money and answering people.

  • Confidential

The process of mediation is highly confidential. Only three parties are present during procedure that is the contending parties and the mediator. There are no extra employees so case is kept confidential. The mediator helps in keeping the private life of parties.

  • Influence over Outcome

In mediation, parties have more influence over outcomes. In court, judge is the high command and his decision is the final one. In mediation, mediator helps both the parties to reach an agreement. The mediator keep in mind that all the propositions proposed by both the parties should agree included. In addition, mediator’s ideas are also considered. Unlike in court where one out of two parties is chosen, hereby both parties are at benefit.

  • Cheaper than Court cases

Court cases are very expensive. Mediation is cheaper as there are charges for every meeting that is also told in advance. Court cases go on for long period, which makes them expensive. There are fewer charges in mediation because there are no court fees, no barristers, and no filling charges.

  • Perfect for Child custody

In divorce cases, mostly children are involved. It is very stressful for children to come to court. Seeing there parents fighting over divorce can be very painful and stressful for them. In mediation, it is kept in mind that children should not be pressurized and kept away from all the hassle and tensions.

These are all the benefits of Barclay Devere Surrey Mediation. The mediation is a very simpler and bias free process. It does not favor any single party rather keep in mind benefit of both parties. There is win and win situation only. Mediation is overlooked these days. Mostly people do not even know about it. Last but not the least, mediation reduces burden of courts as well. It is beneficial for public and government both. It solves disputes outside the courts and solves them less stressfully.

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