Some Yummiest Delicacies to Enjoy In Hong Kong

Some Yummiest Delicacies to Enjoy In Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers an amazing assortment of food, which range from thoroughly traditional foods to delicious contemporary foods. Each one of them is more tasty and praiseworthy than the one you tasted before. You must surely join the Hong Kong food tours and taste some of those yummiest delicacies.


Compressed fish meat stew snack is eaten daily. They are ubiquitous and accessible just like the other traditional snack called Siu mai dumplings.

Cha siu baau

Barbecued pork is stuffed into a bun and steamed. When you open this soft and white steamy bun, you will see the shiny mauve filling of cubed cha siu and barbecue sauce that spills out. The aroma of wine, soy, and caramel is quite appealing.

5 layer roast pork

Siu Yuk has a top layer of crunchy skin, then alternating slices of moist meat and fat, and lastly salty spiced layer at the bottom. This great piece is served with a lot of yellow mustard to cover the overwhelming experience of flavors and textures extracted from a small pork belly slice.

Meat Mountain

Mishmash of mushrooms, ground pork, preserved vegetables, water chestnuts, seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce gets steamed. This ½ foot tall meat pile is evenly cooked, tender and succulent.

Typhoon shelter crab

Typhon shelter harbored boat people community. Freshly caught crabs are served with lots of chili peppers, and fried garlic, which is an excellent food culture of the boat people.

Snake soup

It is a soupy mixture of snake meat, pork, ginger, and mushrooms. This is a perfect wintery dish, which warms you better than the chicken noodle soup.

It is generally served with fried dough pieces. For aroma chrysanthemum petals and kaffir lime leaf slices are also added.

Mini egg cakes

Gai daan tsai is crackly from outside and soft on inside. This delicious morsel is enjoyed by everyone ranging from housewives to office workers. This snack is seen everywhere.

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