Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Just because you have chosen Hunter Douglas roman shades does not mean that your job is done! You now have to pick between the different types of roman shades that the company has in its repertoire. Believe it or not, your decisions here will make a huge difference in the total look that you achieve. Here is what you need to know about the different types of roman shades that are available to you.

Flat Roman Shades

This shade is a fabric panel that acts like an accordion – when it is descended, it is completely flat against the window. When it is up, it gives you stacked folds. Overall, you can achieve a very clean look that reduces the look of clutter. Even within this type of shade, you have variations between hobbled roman and flat roman shades. You can also get shades that appear as though they have no pleats when fully extended.

Hobbled Shades

Hobbled roman shades are defined by soft folds that overlap in a looped fashion. You get a beautiful cascade effect that imitates the luxury drapery. This look is one that fits in well with a luxury bedroom, especially if you are looking for a heavier texture that lends the room some gravitas.

Embellished Shades

Your basic type of roman shade can be upgraded with certain types of embellishments in the bottom. You can match the aesthetic of your room to the embellishments and give yourself a flexible, textured look. Try a curved European style bottom or a fan bottom. You can also add beads, fringe or tassels as a trim with a vertical gathering that reaches to the middle.

Neutral/Strong Colors

Most roman shades are created to be neutral in order to keep the view of the home from the outside as consistent as possible. However, if you choose a flat roman shade, you get the ability to cover larger windows without a gap in the lighting. This is a great way to set off a more dramatic pattern if that is the look that you are looking to achieve.

Cordless Option

You may need to incorporate a continuous cord loop if you are investing in a wider roman shade. This makes the shade easier to lift and eliminates the safety hazard of the dangling cord.

Hunter Douglas roman shades give you a great deal of opportunity for a beautiful look. Take your time to understand the subtle differences between the different types of roman shades, and you will get the best value and the best aesthetic!

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