Dirty Little Secrets Luxury Fireplaces In Your Home  

Dirty Little Secrets Luxury Fireplaces In Your Home  

Luxury fireplaces increase your homes’ aesthetic value and keeps your dirty little secrets. The fireplaces create a relaxing ambiance in homes. Their state of the art design has a direct influence on their heat efficiency.
Ideal fireplaces have various components that enable them to heat rooms, water, and other places. There are masonry, electric, gas and wood fireplaces. Some contain thin metal fireboxes while others have electric or wooden fireboxes.
How to Install Fireplaces
Installing a fireplace could be nerve-wracking. However, the following tips will help you fix it properly.
Pick a suitable location
A fireplace should enhance your room’s design and elegance. You should place it near a gas line, an exhaust pipe, and an electrical circuit. The venting pipe should be between studs.
Build a stable platform for your fireplace
Avoid placing it on the floor by constructing a platform using ceramic tiles or masonry. However, some manufacturers sell pre-made platforms which you can also use. Follow the highlighted instructions in your user guide to select an appropriate platform installation design.
Gently place your fireplace in an ideal spot
Carefully put it on the platform while ensuring that it is far from combustible substances.
Complete your venting system
Finalize fixing all interior and exterior piping. Secure it between a stove and a wall-pass-through. Seal the pipes and firestop with a high-temperature caulk.
Connect and install electricity and the gas line
Your platform’s location may force you to fix new electrical outlets and a gas line. Take caution when connecting them.
Enclose your fireplace in a frame
Some fireplaces need a shell or mantle around them. It may contain hearth, mantle and wood decorations. The frame aids in matching the fireplace with the room.
The Benefits of Installing Luxury Fireplaces
Apart from increasing your home’s aesthetic value, fireplaces have other benefits, including:

  • Heat generation: A fireplace is a reliable heat source. It ensures constant heat supply during disasters and power outages. You can direct the heat to a single room or other parts of your house by installing vents.
  • Romance setting enhancement: As a couple, you can spend leisure time cozying up as you watch fire flames instead of going out for a picnic on a chilly day.
  • An increased home resale value: It’s only some property owners who have installed fireplaces in their homes. They make such houses have a higher price compared to those without it.

Keep in mind;
When selecting a fireplace for your home, you should choose one that is within your budget. There is direct vent and wood burner luxury fireplaces that are ideal for a traditional property owner. However, gas logs and non-vent gas-powered fireplaces are the cheapest models. You can install an electric fireplace if your house is congested.

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