Ceramic and tile cleaning methods

Ceramic and tile cleaning methods
  • Method of removing gypsum stains from ceramics:

المكونات Ingredients:

 White vinegar.

 water.

 bottle sprayer.

 toothbrush.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mix of white vinegar and water and then put the sprinkler in a bottle of sprayer.

ب Gypsum stains are sprayed with the mixture that has been prepared.

 The mixture is then left on the gypsum stains with ceramic tiles for at least a quarter of an hour.

 Place stains on the floor with an old toothbrush and you will get perfect and dazzling results.

  • Method of removing cement and gypsum stains from ceramic tiles:

المكونات Ingredients:

 water.

 paste paste or paste.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a quantity of water and put it on the fire to boil well.

 The boiling water is then sprayed on ceramic cement stains and left for several minutes.

 Cement stains are removed by using a paste or paste knife by smoothing the ground from the cement stains until the stains are dispersed and removed easily, taking into مكاتب استقدام  consideration that they are not hardened to avoid ceramic damage and scratching.

المكونات Ingredients:

 water.

 Liquid soap.

 Coarse wire or rough cloth.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mixture of warm water and liquid cleaner.

 Add the mixture to the cement and gypsum drops and leave it for minutes.

 The cement or gypsum stains are then rubbed using  شركة تنظيف في دبي piece of dishwashing wire or a rough cloth until the stains are removed with care to avoid scratching the ceramic.

 Then wipe the walls and floors with water and dry them.

المكونات Ingredients:

 Chemical products.

الطريقة Method:

 You can try some chemicals and chemical products dedicated to remove stains and drops of cement and gypsum from the walls.

 Take care to read the instructions on the packaging and how to use and follow the instructions.

 The product should be tested in a small and invisible place, since some of these materials may cause the ceramic colors to be removed or lead to disintegration.

  • White plaster cleaning method:

المكونات Ingredients:

 half a cup of sodium bicarbonate.

 cup of oxygen water.

 teaspoon liquid dishwashing liquid.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mixture of half a cup of sodium bicarbonate, a quarter cup of oxygen water and a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent.

 Add ingredients to each other in a juice pack such as ketchup and stir well until the ingredients are well mixed.

 The mixture is placed on the white plaster. Sodium bicarbonate react with the hard stains and remove them. The oxygen water works to polish and clean the white plaster.

 Leave the mixture on the white plaster for at least five minutes.

 The mixture is then wiped with a wet sponge.

 Rinse the place with water and take care to clean the towel clean and dry.

 If you do not get rid of any stains you can repeat the recipe again until the spots disappear, taking into account that the mixture is not stored at all is used directly.

  • Wear gloves while using the recipe to avoid drying your hand with oxygen water.
  • How to clean the lemon lemonade:

المكونات Ingredients:

 cup lemon salt.

 water.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mixture of a cup of lemon salt and warm water and mix them well.

 The mixture is then placed on the soil and left for minutes.

 The trap is rubbed with a sponge or cloth and will show impressive results and the label will be completely new.

 The towel is dried with a clean, dry towel.

  • Clean the trap of black and hard patches:

المكونات Ingredients:

 Black vinegar.

 lemon salt.

 boiled water.

 cleaning brush.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mixture of lemon salt and hot water and mix them well

 Black vinegar is added to the mix and flipped well.

 Mix the mixture and leave for minutes

 The rubbing is then rubbed with a brush, wire or coarse towel until the hard spots are removed.

 The towel is cleaned with a wet towel and dried with a dry towel.

  • Ceramic cleaning method with vinegar:

المكونات Ingredients:

 cup white vinegar

 warm water.

الطريقة Method:

 Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and a cup of warm water and mix well.

 Then put the mixture on the floors for minutes.

 The ceramic is rubbed with custom brushing.   شركة تنظيف بالرياضThe vinegar works to remove the hard spots with ceramic tiles and floors.

 Ceramic is erased and dried and will dazzle results and gives ceramic cleanliness, luster and sparkle.

 Always use this recipe to clean and polish the ceramic.

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