Boosting brain health with a ketogenic diet

Boosting brain health with a ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets are very beneficial for brain disorders. Ketogenic diets have good and positive effects on brain health. The main aim of Ketogenic diet is to increase the level of ketones in the blood. Ketones are the molecules which can replace the carbs as the energy source for the brain. When the carb intake is very low, the ketones are produced in the liver, on a ketogenic diet ketones fuel the brain. When compared to a low carb diet the ketogenic diet includes fewer carbs which lead to rising in the blood level of ketones.


The fuel source for our muscles is fat, but this is not the case with the brain, the brain cannot use fat as its fuel source. The brain’s main fuel is the sugar named glucose present in the blood. The brain can also make use of ketones for providing energy to the brain. Ketones are produced from the fatty acids by the liver when the level of glucose and insulin is low in the body. The production of ketones is in small amount whenever you go for many hours without food. The production of ketones increases when you do fasting or when the carb intake is in a small amount.

When there is the presence of very few carbs in the body and carb intake is minimized to a certain extent then, ketones can provide energy to the brain and body. The rest energy is provided by glucose which is produced in the liver. Keto diet Bangalore for brain health can be taken into consideration.


Most of the portion of the brain can fuel itself with ketones, but there are certain parts which need to be fueled up with glucose also. Glucose can be supplied to the brain by consumption of a few carbs. Rest of the glucose can be obtained from the process called gluconeogenesis. In this process, the liver makes glucose for the brain to be used. The glucose is manufactured by using amino acids from the body which are called the building blocks of protein. Therefore with this process of gluconeogenesis, brain health can be maintained easily and efficiently.

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