5 Tips for Keeping Your Wooden Furniture Safe and Damage-free While in Storage

5 Tips for Keeping Your Wooden Furniture Safe and Damage-free While in Storage

Wood demands special care and attention so it will last long, especially if you put them in storage. Here is a guide to storing your wooden furniture properly.

Storing your wood furniture is a smart idea, whether you have limited space at home or you are considering doing home renovation projects soon. But unlike other items that you just place inside a box and label, keeping your wooden furniture in storage units requires special precautions. Otherwise, your furnishings can get damaged during the process.

Here are five tips to take to make sure that your wooden furniture remains damage-free while in storage.

1. Disassemble wherever possible

Before anything else, you must disassemble your furniture wherever possible to reduce the chances of damage. For instance, you must remove headboards, footboards, and legs. As you take out parts, collect the screws and other fixings and put them in a labeled, sealable plastic bag. This is crucial to making reassembling a lot easier. You must remove the drawers as well. And store them separately.

Important Note: If the drawers can’t be detached, remove all their contents. There are items that can cause harm to your furniture if they are kept inside the cabinets or drawers. Pens, for instance, may cause irreversible damage to your furniture if their ink leaks.

2. Clean it thoroughly

Dust and debris can cause damage to your furniture. So make sure to keep it all free of dust, dirt, and other debris.

In addition, consider waxing your wood furniture before putting it into storage. A coat of wax or wood polish will provide added protection as it prevents your furniture from drying out. Also, this keeps environmental changes from causing your wooden furniture to split or crack.

In the event that your furniture has fabric surfaces or cushions, use an appropriate wipe to clean it. For metal trimmings, use the right polish to protect them against oxidation while in storage.

3. Don’t suffocate the wood

Wrapping your wooden furniture once it is thoroughly cleaned and dry is important to keep it safe and damage-free. Using cotton sheets and other breathable fabrics is a great option when it comes to protecting your wooden furniture. It allows the wood to breathe while in storage whilst preventing dust and other debris from getting into the gaps. These covers will also shield your furniture from moisture and light.

Avoid using plastic wrap to cover the furniture completely. This can create condensation, causing the wood to swell. Also, once the masking tape used to secure the plastic wrap sticks directly to the wood, the adhesive can cause damage as you remove it.

4. Use proper cushioning

Before moving your furniture, you must give it proper cushioning to prevent scratches and other potential damages. Give your furnishings added protection by using furniture blankets and pads.

Moreover, don’t place one piece of furniture over or beside the another without providing proper cushioning in between. This is crucial in keeping both items free of scratches and damages.

5. Keep it elevated

Accidents do happen despite how careful you are. But your wooden furniture may be irreplaceable. So to keep it protected, you must elevate it off the ground. You can place it on top of cinder blocks or wooden pallets. This way, it remains safe and damage-free even if water oozes into your storage unit.

If it is necessary to put your wooden furniture in storage, perhaps because you are moving to another place or improving your home, you must take these precautions to keep it safe and intact. Remember, wood will require special care and handling to avoid cracks, scratches, and mold.

Choose a high-quality storage unit

Take note that the quality of the storage unit you hire matters greatly for keeping your items safe and damage-free, even if you follow all the above steps. Therefore, you should work with a reliable storage company that provides high-quality storage units.

If you can, you must opt for a unit that is made of superb quality, breathable plywood. Also, it must be totally sealed to prevent mold, mildew, dust, debris, and pests from damaging your wooden furniture.


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